Dell Wyse D200 Zero Client

Thin Client P20

Wyse P class allows enterprise PCs and workstations to be centrally managed in a data
center while providing rich multimedia, high resolution full frame-rate 3D graphics and
HD media, and full USB peripheral interoperability locally over a LAN – or remotely over
a high-latency WAN.
Wyse P class optimizes compression algorithms and quality in real-time to achieve the
best possible image quality for the available network bandwidth, thus allowing the
PCoIP system to operate in various types of networks and data rates.



For virtual desktop or blade PC environments, the Wyse P class delivers workstation
class performance for advanced applications including CAD, 3D solids modeling, video
editing and advanced worker level office productivity. Based on a hardware PCoIP®
engine, this stateless zero client requires no local operating system. Unlike more flexible
software-based implementations, this dedicated hardware PCoIP engine delivers the
highest level of display performance available. Whilst it’s just the size a notebook, the
Wyse P class is a fully functional and compact virtual system that eliminates the need
for a desktop, yet gives a feeling of a true PC experience. The Wyse P class includes
elements for the high end user such as: multiple display support, multimedia playback,
HD audio and four USB peripheral ports.
The Wyse P class platform resolves the challenges of provisioning, managing,
maintaining and securing enterprise desktops. Offering a truly uncompromised
computing high end user experience with the full benefits of an efficient and secure
centralized computing environment.


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Thin Client P20”

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