HP t630 Thin Client

Solid-state flash-based memory modules are the primary operating system storage media for thin clients supporting highly
virtualized operating environments. Thin clients display a hosted session from a data center through standard IP networks which
minimizes the required size of local flash-based storage. In a traditional thin client environment, data and application files are
stored securely in the remote data center and not on the local storage device.



The HP t630 Thin Client uses three types of flash memory: MLC (2-bits per cell), Ultra MLC (2-bits per cell, but only 1 is utilized) and
TLC (3-bits per cell). Because the classic thin client use cases seldom require writing to flash memory storage, a relatively low
capacity MLC flash memory module is typically used to provide the best cost and performance. However, when the use case calls
for writing to the local flash memory storage module careful consideration should be given to the selection of the proper storage
module. A larger capacity and/or the use of Ultra MLC technology could be required to adequately support the usage being planned
or expected from the thin client.


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