Wyse 5030 zero client


The 5030 PCoIPzero client for VMware draws under 9 watts of power, creating cooler, quieter working environments. Wyse zero clients for VMware receive and decode signals from the PCoIPhost to create standard PC interfaces for the display, USB peripherals and audio.



Compact, strong, and flexible, the Wyse 5030 PCoIPzero client for VMware delivers outstanding performance. Its dedicated hardware PCoIPengine delivers the highest level of display performance available for advanced applications, including CAD, 3D solids modeling, video editing and more.
Extremely compact and energy efficient, the Wyse 5030 PCoIPzero client is a fully functional VMware View end point that delivers a true PC-like experience with support for dual displays. The Wyse 5030 offers the full benefits of an efficient and secure centralized computing environment, like multiple display support, multimedia playback, HD audio and four USB peripheral ports.


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Dell WYSE PxN”

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