HP t610 Thin Client

  • Eliminate the use of heavy metals such as lead, chromium, mercury and cadmium in packaging materials.
  • Eliminate the use of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) in packaging materials.
  • Design packaging materials for ease of disassembly.
  • Maximize the use of post-consumer recycled content materials in packaging materials.
  • Use readily recyclable packaging materials such as paper and corrugated materials.
  • Reduce size and weight of packages to improve transportation fuel efficiency.



The HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Clients deliver a true, PC-like experience for virtualized desktop environments. Built using AMD’s new APU technology combining dual core 64-bit processors with AMD HD 6320 graphics, this two-chassis solution delivers a more powerful, flexible user experience. The HP t610 and HP t610 PLUS feature DirectX 11 graphics support, DDR3-1600 RAM (dual slots) with up to 4 GB of capacity, and AMD A55E Chipset with DVI-I and DisplayPort connectors for exceptional thin client performance.

HP Easy Tools is a simple, wizard-based console that reduces the configuration process to just a few minutes and few clicks of the mouse. HP Device Manager dramatically simplifies deployment, task automation, compliance management and policy-based security management so you can control up to thousands of Thin Client devices with ease.


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